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The building reopened to the public on August 3, 2020. Because the DMV no longer has support hours after 4:30 PM, our new office hours will be Monday – Friday 8:30AM – 4:30PM. Entrance to the office will be the side handicapped door. There are only 2 people allowed in the lobby, masks are highly recommended. We will be continuing to use the white drop box for transactions. If you are uncomfortable coming into the building, just call and we will make a parking lot appointment for you. If you want to pick up your registrations or dog licenses, please indicate that on your envelope along with a phone number. It is well past time to license your dogs, we will begin the civil forfeiture process in a few weeks, which will add $30 to the cost of the license. We will be unable to license dogs that do not have updated rabies. Absentee ballot requests are available at both post offices on their bulletin boards, on the side of the white drop box, or in the office. If you are going to be at a different address in November, we ask that you fill out a separate request for each election. If you have any further questions, please call the office at 269-4631. If you require assistance in other departments – and are calling from the 269-4071 number, these are the extensions – Mary Jane x 111, Jeannie x 102, Lisa x 103, and Karen x 104.


Monday-Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Sat & Sun - Closed
Closed the third Wednesday of every month.

Mailing Address

Town of Barnstead, Town Clerk/Tax Collector
108 South Barnstead Road
PO Box 11
Center Barnstead, NH 03225
Phone: 603-269-4631; Fax: 603-269-4072


Payments, Creating Tax Bills, Adjustments, Credits, Liens, Warrants, Timber Tax, Mortgage Foreclosure, Bankruptcy Payments, Deeding.

Visit the Barnstead Tax Kiosk to view property tax bills online.

Motor Vehicles

New Registrations, Renewals, Transfers, Plates, Decals, Reports
Cost: Determined according to the vehicle's year, make, base list price and gross weight.
Visit the Town Clerk/Tax Collector's Office or the State of New Hampshire Web Site for forms.

Boat Registrations

Boat registrations can be done in the Town Clerk's Office. Please bring your renewal form from the State or your expired boat registration from the previous year.

Dog Licensing, Rabies Update Reports

Civil forfeiture has begun for all unlicensed dogs. Any dog whose license is not renewed before July 20 shall be subject to a civil forfeiture fine of at least $30 per dog. Please register your dog(s) by July 20 to avoid any additional charges. After June 1, a late charge of $1 per month will be applied.

License Type Fee
Spayed/Neutered $6.50
Intact $9.00
Puppy up to 7 months old $6.50
Owner 65+ spayed/neutered/intact $2.00 first animal only
$6.50 every animal thereafter

Dog Licenses are due to be updated every year by April 30th.

Vital Statistics

Document Fee
Birth Certificate $15.00 per record for search fee.
Death Certificate $15.00 per record for search fee.
Marriage License $50.00 per application.
Marriage Certificate $15.00 per certified copy after marriage.
$10.00 per subsequent copy if ordered at the same time.
Civil Union Abstract $15.00 per record.

Establishing Residency

Department of Environmental Services

Wetland applications are submitted to the Town Clerk. Forms can be obtained from the NHDES Wetlands Bureau or at the Town Clerk's office.

Town Records

The Town Clerk is the keeper of all Town Records which include:

  • Town Committee Minutes
  • Town Reports
  • Town Meetings
  • Voter Registration

Absentee Ballots

Information on Absentee Ballots and related forms can be found on the Secretary of State, Elections Division website.

Returned Checks

Town fee of $31.85.

Fee Charge
Certified Mail $3.50
Return Receipt $2.80
Postage $.55
Return Check Fee $25.00
NSF Charge $31.85

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